Tuesday, May 31, 2011


For a long time I've been interested in mainly editorial photography and nude photography. Of course it isn't the easiest thing to find beautiful or ugly (same thing) person willing to pose nude in front of a camera. Zara loves to be nude, just not so much in front of camera. Although I guess this adds a sort of essence to the over all work - knowing that she is naked, you just can't see.


Ola. said...

sorry i just got your comment. thank-you so much for keeping an interest for so long.
as far as studying photography, well.. unfortunately i dropped it and decided to take up fine arts in video art instead. but here is my reasoning;
- i'm going to be forever taking photos and learning new things about it even if i don't study it
- if i don't study video art i will never keep doing it in my own time there for never experience that practice.
- i take a photography elective every semester anyway so i'm not completely drawn away from it. but i hate the commercial side to photography so i steer well clear of that.
is there anything else in peticular that i could tell you? let me know via email - ola.r@live.com.au
thanks again for your kind words :)

tayla said...

thank-you ola,
speak soon!

Layla said...

These photos are breath taking!

tayla said...

thank-you, you also have some very interesting photo's!

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