Saturday, July 2, 2011

finders keepers

spent the day wondering through Brisbane's old museum, here are some stills i took from the
 'finders keepers' market; each of the stalls had beautiful products but i couldn't help but
 think a lot of it was over-priced. i can understand how the time spent from crafting all of the
 buttons to bow ties could be considered at such prices, but i ended up walking out empty
 handed (which is unlike any market trip I've ever had!) the experience of going to the new
 designer's and artist's kind of markets is an enjoyable one though, the people are always
 interesting and so are each of the stalls. makes for a good day!


victoria said...

It looks like it was a cute boutique! Too bad about the prices. Nice photos, though. And thank you for the follow! You have a lovely blog here. x

S. said...

Cute photos :)

/S / http://

tayla said...

thank-you both!
and you're welcome victoria, i love your blog - you take some really beautiful photos, hope to hear from you again! Xo

Layla said...

mmm, I wish I could go to something like this! It looks lovely. All the markets I remember were with old stuff (which I like but this was too much) and useless things. This on the other hand looks like real fun! :)

tayla said...

these markets are definitely fun; but for some reason i never find anything! i'm sure you would be able to find some young artist's and designer's markets near you - they are usually in most places!

tine swijns said...

oh it looks fun!

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